Educationally Based Estate Planning Services

Educationally Based Estate Planning Services

Educationally Based Estate Planning ServicesEducationally Based Estate Planning Services

Broker & Realtors


Let Us Help You Build Your Business While We Build Ours

We have a unique Real Estate Based, Estate Planning program which allows brokers and realtors to add value to their clients, and to their prospects. 

The goal of our program is to provide educationally based, comprehensive, affordable estate planning services and to strengthen the relationship of the broker, the realtor and their clients and prospects.

There are two main ways to get involved with our program. 

Broker or Realtor Sponsored Workshops

Brokers and Realtors  can host educational workshops. This is a creative opportunity to get in front of prospecting farms and existing clients, offering them something significant, tangible and relevant. 

Our program includes an educational workshop, complimentary one-on-one estate planning consultations, private trust delivery, notarizations and funding guidance along with significant fee discounts. At the end of our presentation, we collect seminar evaluation sheets which includes customer data, along with realtor desired information for lead generation purposes.

Gift Certificates

Utilize our Gift Certificates as a home purchase gift. This is a generous and thoughtful way to say thank you to clients who just purchased a home.

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