Educationally Based Estate Planning Services

Educationally Based Estate Planning Services

Educationally Based Estate Planning ServicesEducationally Based Estate Planning Services

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Estate Planning Services As An Employee Benefit

Attracting, hiring and retaining good quality employees has become more competitive and more expensive. 

Most employers offer traditional benefits like life, medical, dental and vision programs and many offer voluntary plans like accident, critical illness and cancer plans, we suggest you offer one more. 

If you have employees who own a home worth $50,000 or more or if they have personal property worth $150,000, without the proper planning and a trust, their property and estate could be subject to complex probate.  

Anyone who has gone through the probate process with a family member or loved one,  knows this can be a very cumbersome and expensive process which can create frustration and worry. This can be very distracting and disruptive to our daily lives including our work responsibilities.  A proper trust and estate plan can alleviate all this uncertainty, keeping your employees focused and performing well at work.  

Our unique educationally-based trust and estate planning  program can be offered as a voluntary  employee benefit at no cost to the employer and with  no administration or payroll deduction requirements.

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